Design Thinking is a creative problem-solving process practiced by the industry leaders like Google, Apple, Coca Cola and likewise for finding innovative solutions for wicked problems.

Our design-thinking workshop prepares you to:

  • Understand the principles of Design Thinking and applying them to real-life problems
  • Uncover opportunities and hidden potential in RFPs
  • Align stakeholders with the leaders to chase the winning deal
  • Empathize with the client to understand their stated, unstated and latent needs
  • Curate engaging proposal content reflecting client insights
  • Develop unique solutions for the client, to drive effective business outcomes
  • Validate proposed solution by competitive benchmarking

What do we offer you?

  • Complete lifecycle coverage from problem to solution
  • Experience of implementing Design Thinking principles in formulating problem-solving solutions for real business case scenarios
  • Interdisciplinary approach to tailor unique solutions for clients

Our capabilities

  • Opportunity to be coached by an MIT Sloan School, USA alumni with 10+ years of specialization in Design Thinking and Innovation
  • Hands-on in-person training program for Product/ Project Managers, Solution Architect and Proposal teams