Pricing strategy is a structured business process involving analysis of data specific to competing organizations from the client perspective to predict their buying pattern.

Our course structure enables you to:

  • Evaluate competitive bids to understand the client’s buying style, competitor’s solution and pricing
  • Develop a bid by establishing a common ground between service capabilities and pricing, in alignment with client expectations
  • Utilize data analysis tools, information systems and internal databases to maximize data collection, predict client funding resources and budget
  • Research and maintain a repository of company information for historical costs, position in the competition, unique differentiators etc.
  • Invest time towards developing and improving price-to-win strategies in response to new information
  • Devise a strategy that cuts down costs, creates more value and benefits for the client

What’s in it for you?

  • Value addition to the profile of Business development specialists, Finance / Technical professionals, Capture Manager and Pricing Manager
  • Comprehensive understanding of the characteristics of a successful pricing strategy to be at a competitive advantage
  • Knowledge of industry-best practices to build your own price-to-win strategy from the scratch

Our knowledge base:

  • Lectures delivered by industry-certified experts and highly competent professionals from the Bid Management and Business Development community
  • 100% online program accessible through web and mobile devices
  • Expert guidance through the process of market research to developing a unique price-to-win bid strategy
  • Evaluation methodology based on applying knowledge of pricing strategies in real world competitive acquisition scenarios