Proposal writing involves developing strategic and compelling content to showcase organizational capabilities that drive the client’s decision to invest in the business, product, or service. Proposal editing includes copyediting, proofreading, and bringing coherence in the content from different proposal team members.

Our learning methodology facilitates:

  • In-depth understanding of RFP analysis and Proposal Outlining
  • Defining a structured Content Mapping methodology
  • Adopting a strategic approach to create win themes, value proposition, and differentiators
  • Curating persuasive, reusable proposal content from past proposals
  • Developing content libraries to enable reuse of content
  • Contextualizing existing proposal content for specific clients or businesses
  • Editing and proofreading content provided by other contributors
  • Creating quick turnaround proposals
  • Reviewing proposal content for compliance and responsiveness
  • Utilizing tools to optimize quality – check grammar, plagiarism and enhance readability

What differentiates your learning experience with us?

Our knowledge repository:

  • Walk-thru sessions on real winning proposals
  • Captured and updated content for different proposal sections from winning proposals
  • Tools to check readability, plagiarism and enhance writing quality

Our training resources:

  • Choice of availing in-person (at select locations and dates) or scheduled online learning (Zoom, Google Classroom)
  • Program modules readily accessible through web and mobile devices
  • Live online session facilitated by a certified industry expert and engaging writer
  • Self-paced learning with recorded training lectures available online
  • Proposal Section Samples, Assignments, Best Practices and Quick Start Guides to support guided learning

Our expertise

  • Lectures delivered by an industry-certified coach and knowledge expert in Information Mapping
  • Expert feedback on assignments to evaluate individual proposal-development capabilities
  • Opportunity to identify improvement areas in proposal quality