Proposal writing is an effective communication tool used to make a persuasive appeal to the prospect by offering a solution, product, or service tailored to address client-specific needs.

Our program enables you to:

  • Organize and create proposal strategies in response to client hot buttons and pain points
  • Develop an effective content plan to align with compliance checklists and instructions
  • Outline a compelling content layout with supporting graphics and captions to ease client evaluation and scoring
  • Design key themes with client-focussed messaging to demonstrate the impact of the proposed solution
  • Edit, review and revise the content to meet the established quality benchmark
  • Learn about the client selection process to guide interactions with the prospect post-submittal

What makes our learning experience unique?

Our training methodology:

  • Revisits the proposal delivery experience from kick-off meeting instructions through reviewer feedback
  • Aids in effective proposal planning and volume management
  • Promotes leadership capabilities to accelerate team productivity in a fast-paced deadline-driven proposal delivery cycle
  • Enhances the consistency in content quality and focus of the message through insightful feedback sessions

Our capabilities:

  • Direct supervision and guidance of industry-certified professionals, pioneer experts in proposal planning and management community
  • Promising skill-building opportunity for Proposal Contributors, Proposal Writers and Managers, Business Developers and Sales Professionals
  • Proven success rate among participants in delivering winning proposals across diverse industrial domains
  • Self-assess proposal writing capabilities from an evaluator’s perspective

Our knowledge resources:

  • Online sessions accessible through mobile and web platforms
  • Access to proposal guide, tools and templates that facilitate production of high-scoring client-focused proposals
  • Case studies, quizzes and practice exercises to apply proposal-building knowledge and tools
  • Course completion marked by instructor feedback on real case scenario proposal-writing assignment