Quantifying a value proposition presents a compelling winning solution tailored to address client needs or to translate into effective measurable outcomes impacting the client.

Our learning method facilitates you to:

  • Identify and build a unique value proposition
  • Research and determine value-drivers for the client through structured analysis
  • Observe the order of priority of value-drivers and tailor solutions or benefits specific to each
  • Create a value algorithm to correlate quantifiable aspects of solutions and client needs
  • Estimate a value for the algorithm based on reliable data to analyse the impact of the solution

What differentiates us?

Our training structure enables you to:

  • Develop an understanding of the business impact of the proposed solution
  • Demonstrate outcomes of business solution through evaluation of customer metrics
  • Create a compelling story by helping customers connect the dots with trusted solutions

Our knowledge capabilities:

  • Virtual mentorship sessions accessible through web and mobile devices
  • Tools, course modules, information handbooks and resources to support guided self-paced learning
  • Online lectures delivered by industry-certified professionals and distinguished experts from the Bid and Proposal Management Community
  • Expert insights on industry-best practices and methods to pursue the client through effective demonstration of quantifiable benefits to the business
  • Assessment of individual capabilities to quantify value proposition through assignments based on real business case scenarios