Sales Enablement is a streamlined approach towards qualifying and pursuing opportunities by formulating competitive strategies and solutions to maximize the win probability.

Our program has been designed to facilitate:

  • Focus on targeted opportunities and develop effective strategies to qualify for business pursuit
  • Understanding of the client and purpose of the proposed solution strategy, to secure a favourable positioning in the market
  • Utilize a capture plan to kick-start the proposal planning and management process
  • Overcome challenges by apply capture planning structure and tools as the pursuit advances towards proposal development
  • Assess competitor strengths and weaknesses to develop win strategies and win themes with a competitive advantage
  • Evaluate client response to specific proposals or against industry or competitive benchmark to demonstrate service capabilities
  • Adopt an action plan and capture planning principle to win new business and advance opportunities

What’s in it for you?

Our learning methodology emphasizes on:

  • Comparative analysis of effective capture planning and sales pursuit against industry standards
  • Implementation of specific attributes of winning proposals in strategies to pursue future opportunities
  • Significance of process attributes and its impact on opportunity pursuit

Our training capabilities:

  • Promising opportunity for sales professionals, senior managers, proposal managers and employees to hone their capture planning and management skills
  • Mentorship support of highly distinguished industry-certified business leaders with decades of experience in the bid and proposal management domain across diverse industry verticals
  • Shared insights and guidance to attract new opportunities
  • Expert evaluation of capture plan for client focus, strategy, writing style and overall layout of the document