Storytelling is the articulation of meaningful dialogues to connect with clients emotionally and drive effective business decisions. A sales pitch narrated as a series of compelling stories accelerates the probability of closing more business opportunities.

The purpose of our training program is to:

  • Lay the foundation of an impressive storytelling framework based on human behaviour and psychology
  • Determine the structural elements of an emotionally engaging story
  • Acknowledge the importance of internalizing a clear, customer-centric messaging
  • Invest time and resources in developing a dialogue to balance representation of service capabilities with leadership skills
  • Apply a storytelling approach at multiple points in the sales process to address customer concerns, establish a sense of credibility and create a unique differentiating value
  • Demonstrate value and belief in the proposed solution by tailoring a single strong, memorable and impactful statement for the client

What makes our learning experience unique?

We equip you to:

  • Identify opportunities for narrating a compelling story to stimulate customers to think in new ways that influence their decision-making capabilities
  • Use appropriate words, gestures, voice and expression for impactful direct and indirect communication
  • Implement use of storyboards, models, props and visual illustrations to support the delivery style and pitch

What differentiates us?

  • An opportunity to hone pitch development skills for Sales Executives, First Time Sales Managers and Sales Team Leaders/Managers/HODs
  • Supervision and constant guidance from competent and highly experienced leaders from Sales functionalities
  • Guided learning and training support for developing a high-impact and competitive pitch
  • Expert analysis of individual body language and expression pattern in presentations
  • Mock sessions and mentorship support for assessing individual presentation capabilities and feedback to improve presentation skills