Visual thinking is the organization of thoughts into clear, actionable, and explicit messages using visual cues for problem-solving.

Our learning methodology enables you to:

  • Acknowledge the significance of visual thinking and acquire relevant skills for effective team collaboration
  • Apply basic drawing techniques (objects, icons, figures, colours, graphics) to deliver an impactful visual vocabulary
  • Implement visual thinking principles to support idea generation and problem-solving capabilities
  • Simplify the client messaging to align with the organizational objectives

What differentiates our program?

An opportunity for you to:

  • Innovate, create and share your own visual story
  • Simulate idea mapping and brainstorm with problem-solving exercises
  • Present attractive visuals to promote client engagement

Our training capabilities:

Our resources:

  • 100% online session available with supporting course modules and lecture videos
  • Easily accessible tools and techniques to support idea generation
  • Online graphic templates to stimulate problem-solving

Our knowledge experts:

  • Business leaders and creative experts with decades of experience in the industry
  • Accelerate learning and focus on developing visualization skills
  • Conduct insightful debriefing sessions (one-on-one) to scale progress and assess quality
  • Reliable guide in your journey towards building innovative visual narratives for real business case scenarios