This session focuses on the organization of proposal strategies to create a unique differentiating value for the client to impact their buying decision. Innovative solutions tailored to address client pain points add to the competitive edge, enhance proposal quality and maximize win rates.

Our training program facilitates you to:

  • • Determine the key structural elements and role of a winning proposal in driving the sales cycle
  • • Understand your role in qualifying for the right business opportunities and organizing pre-proposal content plans
  • Curate a compelling proposal strategy by identifying effective win themes to kick-off the proposal project plan
  • Implement storyboarding to summarize proposed solutions that maximize scores in the evaluation process
  • Develop an impactful proposal structure that lays the foundation of an effective executive summary
  • Lead the review of the proposal planning document to address existing red flags

What’s in it for you?

Additional focus areas:

We provide you resources that enable you to:

  • Conduct an intensive research about the client, hot buttons, proposed product or service capabilities
  • Demonstrate the unique benefits of the proposition targeting the client pain point in a competitive landscape
  • Validate your value proposition with third-party evidences or graphics to illustrate problem-solving capabilities
  • Quantify the outcome or impact of the solution as a measure of emotional value, time or rate
  • Innovate and build a unique proposition for each sales opportunity aligning with the win theme and proposal strategy to impact client decision

Our capabilities:Our knowledge capabilities:

  • Add value to the profile of Pre-Sales Specialists, Solution Specialists, Bid Managers, Delivery Managers and Sales professionals
  • Thought leaders and knowledge experts who are industry-recognized professionals with decades of experience in the Proposal and Bid Management environment
  • Guidance through the complete process of successfully designing a professional and effective proposal layout with a winning edge

Our learning resources:

  • Interactive online sessions with access to a repository of information, tools and templates to support learning
  • Training support and tips to improve persuasive writing capabilities and procurement insights
  • Critical review and evaluation of individual proposal assignments based on real business case scenarios and case studies