Persuasive writing is the process of presenting an argument that motivates or compels the client to change their belief in view of the proposition. Copyediting is a detailed review and refinement of content to generate error-free deliverables that comply with industry quality and legal standards.

Persuasive writing and copyediting are core elements of effective business communication. Our course specializes to:

  • Establish a foundational understanding of persuasive business writing and its influence on the client decision
  • Define the purpose and validate the presented argument using reason and emotion
  • Brainstorm and structure original content to convince the client of the impact of the argument
  • Proofread for errors in grammar, spellings and punctuations to deliver high-quality authentic content
  • Practice fact-checking, evaluation of accuracy of information and compliance to legal standards
  • Ensure consistency in the flow and format of text
  • Introduce the concept of style guides applicable to different business functionalities and industry verticals
  • Develop skills that support designing and application of style sheets

We equip you to:

  • Learn step-by-step and apply industry best practices in effective business writing
  • Identify the key principles that drive persuasive writing – commitment, social proof, authority, and liking
  • Implement a structured approach in copyediting to improve writing skills

Our knowledge base:

  • Mentor and coaching support of distinguished business leaders and industry experts with an eye for perfection
  • 100% online sessions available on mobile and web devices
  • Ease of access to tools, techniques and learning resources to support self-paced guided learning
  • Practice exercises to implement acquired skills in persuasive writing and copyediting
  • Evaluation of common writing mistakes in individual assignments and expert tips for clarity in expression